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Monday, September 19, 2005

Meat for the Europhiles

Apparently the secret Minister of Europe in the first Tony Blair government was a certain Rupert Murdoch.
Tony Blair promised Rupert Murdoch that he would be consulted on any change to Britain's policy towards Europe, according to a diary kept by a former Downing Street press officer.
If you think us Sceptics are a crazy bunch of foaming at the mouth loonies, wait to see what the Europhiles make of this. They will be screaming like a bunch of stuck pigs. Funny how they always make a big thing out of RM being an Aussie, and having such a big say over EU policy. Maybe we would have more right to complain about, if the BBC’s director were not a Brit. As he is British however the BBC has the right to any bias it wants. And they call us Xenophobic.

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