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Monday, July 18, 2005

Is it Progress?

Why is it that when we win a battle, it often seems like a loss? I have wished to see the European Arrest Warrant resisted by the courts of one of the member states. It is a massive overstretch of EU power and could be used for Nefarious purposes. I didn’t think that the warrant would be overturned in a case like this one though.
Germany's highest court has ordered the release of a German-Syrian businessman suspected of funding al-Qaeda, who was fighting extradition to Spain. The federal constitutional court ruled that the new European arrest warrant was invalid in the case of Mamoun Darkazanli, 46.
The reason:
Mr Darkazanli has not been charged in Germany, whose constitution prohibits the extradition of its own citizens.
So the Germans, to their credit, continue to maintain that their own Constitution trumps European Law. To their shame, they are letting a suspected Terrorist Financier walk free from court. Why can’t our courts protect our sovereignty? Why is it ok for Germany but not us?

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