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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Germans Press For Constitution

A win for the Federasts in Luxembourg’s referendum has got the Germans excited.
Berlin is determined to try to salvage the constitution, whose provisions include a new EU voting system which would give Germany a much greater say in decision-making.
Their representatives in the European Parliament are continuing to push the line that The Parrot is Sleeping.
Hans-Gert Pottering, the German leader of the European parliament's centre right grouping, said the Luxembourg vote would give the ratification of the treaty "a new dynamic"
Hans, it must be remembered, was responsible for punishing Conservative MEPs who backed a UKIP motion against President Barroso.
Meanwhile Martin Schulz, the German leader of the parliament's socialist group, said: "We now have a majority of member states supporting the constitution.
Only Mr Shultz can think that a majority in favour is relevant for an issue that needs unanimous support. Luckily the chance of a French or Dutch politician having the “Courage” to ask the question again is unlikely.

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