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Friday, July 22, 2005

Francophile Prince

In times past, the heir to the throne could have been usurped for comments such as this. Fraternising with the enemy, he’s lucky the good yeomen of the shires haven’t risen up against him.
The Prince of Wales spoke out yesterday in praise of "inefficient" French farmers, saying the unpaced way of life they represented was one of the main reasons that Britons flocked across the Channel.
It should be noted that His Royal Highness has something in common with those inefficient farmers, he receives money from CAP.
"Why do so many people nowadays want to go and live and have their holidays in France?" Prince Charles asked. "They want to make the most of all the inefficiencies of so-called peasant farming life - the wine, the food, the ambience.
Well as British taxpayers, they paid for it. They might as well get to enjoy the benefits.

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