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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Saving the Project

In order to protect Rome from the barbarians we need a plan of action. Following attacks on the constitution of Rome by the Franks and the Jutes, Rome needs a champion to stand up and fight. Step forward Martin Schulz. He has a plan to send tingles up the spine of every true believer a vision that will inspire heroic action in the name of Europe. It is the five steps of Shultz.
  1. Clear organisation of the "pause for reflection" on the constitution through citizens' discussion forums organised by national governments and parliaments, the European Commission and the European Parliament.
  2. Joint adoption of directives on services and working time. "These two directives are more suited than any other to demonstrate that the demands of the market and social stability belong together," he writes.
  3. Cuts in bureaucracy and improvement of law-making procedures - along with a review of legislation in the pipeline - on the basis of proposals from a working group of the Council, Commission and European Parliament.
  4. Dovetailing of foreign policy at EU level to prepare for the later introduction of a European foreign minister. Says Mr Schulz in the letter: "The principal objectives of the incoming British Council Presidency .... demand an ever stronger definition of common foreign and security policies, with the involvement of all institutions."
  5. National parliaments would be involved in EU decision-making, from the earliest stages, under a voluntary agreement.
Inspiring stuff indeed. If anyone can get to point five without falling to sleep first they really are a true believer.

Now if we could only get the barbarians to read it, we could render them harmless.

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