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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My Absence

Alas, even Xenophobic Little Englanders like myself have a need to travel to foreign climes from time to time, even if just to sneer at them and their strange ways. I will therefore be absent until July 11th and will be unlikely to make any postings until then. Those that need a daily dose of reactionary and irrational criticism of our Bright European Future, could do worse than visit EU Rota, a man most certain to face the firing squad should Mr Juncker ever achieve his aim of becoming EU President for life. Should you wish for the tales of a masochist, England Expects is written by someone brave enough to live in the belly of the beast, whilst the most comprehensive coverage of any of the blogs is of course EU Referendum. Don't let the now out of date title confuse you, its as relevant as ever. If you are wondering what kind of person will be the Prime Minister of Britain in 2010, I suggest you take a look at This Blog. For this man to win the election however, it is essential that these people perform their task well, or we shall be cursed to the rule of the Scottish Raj for longer than is absolutely necessary. Having visited one of the sick men of Europe and a nation not tainted by EU membership, I will be back among you before you have even noticed that I was gone.

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