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Monday, June 20, 2005

PC and the EU

The Bruges group has a great article about how the EU institutions pushes their PC views on the rest of us.

You need look no further at the contribution the European Union has made to the increase in political correctness than by examining the fury over the nomination of the Italian, Rocco Buttiglione, in October 2004 to be the European Union’s Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner.
Being Catholic was unPC and therefore not allowed. In fact only one version of Europe is appropriate:
"A vision for Europe can only be a multicultural one based on the respect for diversity and equal rights" Ms Winkler, the Director of the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia
So my vision of Europe as a continent of free nation states with systems whose foundations are individual freedom is not allowed? I guess not. Even versions of history are included in this Brave PC World. The European Parliament published a history of Europe:
It had published a history of Europe for schoolchildren which, in the UK section, failed to refer to the two world wars.
Whilst we Brits may be guilty of mentioning the war too often, the Fawlty Towers approach to history education is taking things a little far. Don't mention the war! The EU funds organisations such as Black Information Link.
This even handed organisation unashamedly urged its readers to lobby the Standards Board for England in support of Ken Livingstone following his verbal attack on a Jewish Evening Standard journalist.
Worst of all is the charter of fundamental rights, killed along with the constitution, and yet rising phoenix like to ensure that not one impure thought should ever cross our minds.
Despite the EU Constitution and the Charter it supports being voted down its politically correct provisions are being brought in by stealth. The Commission has said that it will implement it across all EU legislation without waiting for it to come into force. What is more, a Fundamental Rights Agency is being established to monitor the implementation of the Charter and make sure that its provisions will be enforced throughout the EU.
So in short, the EU wants to control not only what you do, but also what you think:

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