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Monday, June 20, 2005

Not Everyone wants CAP Reform

In the slim chance that there may be the political will to reform CAP, its beneficiaries are starting to make noises.
Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) deputy president Ruaidhri Deasy warned today that any backtracking on CAP would lead to “total and absolute uproar“
One should not forget when reading this that Ireland is one of the richest countries in Europe and is yet still a net recipient. Nor should ,it be forgotten that unlike Basket-Case France, Unemployment is very low in Ireland, and those who could potentially lose from CAP reform would be unlikely to be left destitute.
“Farmers will not stand for it,” he said. “I will lead a pan-European protest in which the IFA and all other EU farming organisations will shake the EU to its foundations.”
Whilst I would be the last to not want to see the EU shaken to its foundations, why is it that the parasites that live off the work of the rest of us are the ones with the strongest voice. In any other context this is called blackmail. In the political context its acceptable. Mr Deasy went on to ably display his ignorance:
Mr Deasy added: “For the EU to survive in the years ahead it must be able to produce as much as it consumes.
Which is the winning self sufficiency idea that has made India so rich and served the Soviet Union so well.

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