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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No Stone Unturned

Don’t anyone say that I don’t find stories from a range of media. Brought to you from the Socialist Worker, which if I remember correctly from my student days, is the paper that fights the Tories:
But while Europe’s ruling class is turning in on itself, the prospects for the radical left across Europe are the brightest for decades. The no campaigns in both France and the Netherlands were led by united coalitions of left forces.
Now if there is one thing I like less than Eurocrats, its Socialists (Ed: There’s a difference?), so if the supporters of the Gulag are happy, we should sit up an take notice.
That means we need to articulate the left wing case against the euro and other neo-liberal aspects of the European project. We should do this not by making appeals to “defending the British way of life”, but by saying “a better Europe is possible” — one based on genuine internationalism from below and a rejection of privatisation and free market economics.
They see an opportunity to recast the Eurosceptic argument as a Left one rather than the preserve of the Right as it is now. As my Euroscepticism is based on a belief in the rights of the individual, the prospect of Communists campaigning against the Frying Pan in favour of the Fire is a scary one indeed.

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