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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

French Grab South Coast

OK so I exaggerated. But the mentality of the Eurocrats is quite easy to understand from this story, provided by independent MEP Ashley Mote.
New EU Mega-Region Engulfs Hampshire and West Sussex A new level of EU integration is being planned by Hampshire and West Sussex county councils, Southampton city council and the Isle of Wight council.
They are doing this of course, not out of love for their French counterparts or due to a passion for European Integration, but rather in the race for cold hard cash. That the EU can take our money and bribe our local officials with it, in the sole pursuit of buying their loyalty is a scandal. As Mr Mote says:
We do not need the EU to arrange cooperation with our neighbours on the other side of the Channel. We are entirely capable of making such decisions ourselves and funding them from our own resources, especially if we no longer finance the EU to the tune of some £400,000 a week per English constituency.
Instead of having to go begging bowl in hand to Brussels for our own money, why don’t we just cut out the middle man?

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