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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Neo-Liberals of the World Unite

Apparently our days are numbered:
The vote was against unbridled neo-liberal capitalism, not for nationalism. It is a signal of hope for all European people struggling against neo-liberalism.
So says the Socialist Worker. We were of a different point of view. I know that most people who voted No were not exactly followers of Bastiat, but it doesn’t really matter does it. The Constitution is dead. Not so fast you Capitalist Kulak you:
It has momentarily stopped the building of capitalist Europe and given the social movements time to decide how to go forward.
Seeing as social movements only know how to go backwards, I guess that’s not too important either. But leading European Politicians are of a similar viewpoint:
The 'no' of the referendum was not a 'no' to Europe, but to this treaty which re-proposes the Maastricht model in part, without the possibility of expansive economic politics and common social politics, and in part European institutions lacking democratic basis,"
Says Cesare Salvi the deputy speaker of the Italian Senate. So maybe we are seeing the groundswell of a left reaction against the pathetically weak free market provisions that are the foundations of the EU. In reply I would just like to say: Campaign for poverty and stagnation if you want, just don’t force it on all the rest of us.

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