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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Famine and Pestilence

And lo I say unto thee. If the people will turn their faces against the One True God, Europa, I will smite thee down with a vengeance. Famine and pestilence will stalk the land, the snails will be poisoned and the great gold coin of the temple The Euro will be made worthless. For terrible is the wrath of the God Europa. Er Come Again?
"If we believed the warnings of politicians about the effects of a no vote, then the European Union would be on the verge of a terrible catastrophe," Robert Carnell, an economist at ING, wrote on Monday after French voters refused to ratify the constitution. "Fortunately, these dire warnings were never a reality, and the European Union is not a rubble-strewn wasteland this morning."
And the political elite wonder why they lack credibility?? Have they never heard of the boy who cried wolf?

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