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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mr Blair, Euro Wrecker

Lets take a closer look at the European Ideology. New Europeans is laying a number of charges against Mr Blair which it calls a succession of non-European choices. We therefore have a great opportunity to understand exactly what a European Choice is. Mr Blair’s government’s obedience to G.W. Bush. Unlike for example the refusal of Italy, Spain, Poland and others to have anything to do with Mr Bush’s Middle East Adventure. His refusal to suppress the obsolete British rebate Unlike for example Jacque Chirac’s generous offer to reduce the money wasted on French farmers. His ultra-liberal agenda Probably best represented by the services directive written by "British Cabinet Minister" Bolkestein. His will to keep enlargement to Turkey on top of the agenda How dare he expect the EU to keep his promises, no wonder Britain used to be known as perfidious Albion. So he wants a Europe that sees the USA as the enemy, where everything in the budget is up for debate except the one bit that everyone agrees is wasteful and immoral, a stagnant socialist economy and an EU that only keeps its promises when it feels like it. Not the best way to go about selling our wonderful new future now is it?

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