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Monday, May 30, 2005

We Refuse your Non

The Young European Federalists as we would expect from such upstanding citizens are calling for the Euro Elites to ignore French Citizenry.
The Young European Federalists are profoundly concerned by the projected NON-vote in today’s referendum in France. This is a European question, and the referendum in France has been fought on principally national grounds.
Bastards, fancy worrying about mere national politics when a Brave New Euro world awaits.
“Our reaction must be strong – the ratification process must continue.
I always respect a politician who is strong in the face of Democracy. After all its far less risky than being strong in the face of Terrorism or Dictatorship.
“The message of a better Europe that the Constitution brings is strong! We have to explain this to the citizens – starting now!”
I’m no expert on political campaigning, but I was always under the impression that starting before the vote happened was more usual. It seems somewhat more logical as well.

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