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Monday, May 30, 2005

Great Comment

Stephen Pollard has some great comments on the vote. Our Dear Leader is not lucky:
Blair is without a doubt the most politically brilliant PM, whose strategic vision is so deft that most observers don't even see what he's up to.
Strong stuff indeed, but you have to admit there is a chance that its true. Why shouldn’t free market Eurosceptics in Britain be happy?
If the French want to preserve their youth unemployment, their sclerotic economy, their bizarre labour laws and their bankrupt welfare state, that is their right. And if we don't want to have even more decisions taken by Qualified Majority Voting in Brussels, that is our right. Neither position is in any way contradictory.
We shouldn’t have asked the people.
It is, of course, precisely that sod the public Euro-elite mindset which is responsible for the thumping rejection of the constitution. And that is a thought which M Moisi and his fellows are clearly unable even to think, let alone learn from.
Our Betters
The EU elites' world view, in one sentence. Sod the public.

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