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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Our Polish Allies

The more I hear of Poles and Poland, the greater sense of affinity I feel with them. Compare the following statements.
Alejandro Cercas, the Spanish Socialist MEP “We have today started a long march in favour of our social Europe. Our European citizens want sensible and reasonable working hours and they don't want social dumping in any part of the EU.” Stephen Hughes Quisling British Socialist MEP “An opt-out from a health and safety directive is wrong in principle.” Polish MEP Konrad Szymanski "Today's vote is a black day for European entrepreneurship. They have decided to impose the worst legacy of the French and German economies on those countries which do not want that, such as Poland, Britain and Ireland."
More power to the Poles. Pushing hard for EU expansion has perhaps been the UK’s sole success in our long and painful membership. On the other hand, our Spanish friend’s use of the term Long March, is unfortunate, referring as it does to Mao’s take over of China. Considering the Tens of Millions that perished as a direct result of the success of that march, he could have chosen his words a little better. At least its nice to know where he is coming from though.

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