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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Now they Know why we Whinge

Comment from far away is often of greater interest than that closer to home. So it is with great interest that I read an Australian’s view of our Collectivist Experiment. On the Subject of the current alliance against the constitution between right and left:
Those on the conservative Right are generally suspicious of centrally planned solutions, particularly on vexed issues such as open borders and immigration. The Left likes central planning but only if it gets to choose the plan.
With resistance from every side, and an Anti-Story to suit all tastes, the EU could be in trouble.
This odd alliance between Left and Right might mean that the EU will become the latest in a long line of lessons on how grand utopian experiments fail.
Far from the prevailing social conditioning, there is no propaganda machine to remind you what it is all for.
And you only have to flick through the preamble to get a feel for the hopelessly utopian aims of the EU.
And a confused Aussie wonders why we do it.
Europe has had its fair share of bad experiences with central planning and authoritarianism. Take your pick of left or right-wing "isms". Fascism. Nazism. Communism. Given that history, it's odd that Europeans have opted for more central planning under the banner of EUism.
The Aussies criticise us at every opportunity but maybe they are starting to understand what it is we have to whinge about.

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