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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Forward Not Back

Or Back Not Forward ?
  • Back to when British courts were the last adjudicator of justice.
  • Back to when standing up for the UK was a Prime Minister’s first duty
  • Back to when an individual was free to decide how many hours he wished to work
  • Back to the days when perfectly good fish were not thrown back into the sea dead, because Brussels wanted it that way
  • Back to when selling goods to our neighbours wasn’t a privilege that we had to pay billions for each year.
  • Back to the days when a Policeman’s job was catching criminals, not diversity awareness
  • Back to the days when one went into hospital to be cured not infected.
  • Back to when a government didn’t think that 1 million lost manufacturing jobs could be replaced by 850.000 state employees.
  • Back to when discipline in schools was expected, and headmasters were authorised to actually run their schools.
  • Back to a time when the government thought that taxation was a necessary evil, and sought to reduce it at every opportunity.
Going forward sounds great, but when it’s not in the right direction , boasting about continuing is not too clever. .

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