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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Before You Vote......

In Order to Vote Labour you should believe the following:
  1. That having pleasant conversations in EU summits is more important than Britain’s interests.
  2. That the EU Constitution is a tidying up exercise.
  3. The Common Fisheries Policy is working really well.
  4. That Britain’s rebate is unfair and should be given up.
  5. That the best way to get our way in Brussels is not to push too hard. (The argument is going our way)
  6. Britain’s future is best served by a European Model, just as France and Germany are going to the dogs.
  7. That massive increases in public spending, with very little to show for it is a good result.
  8. That creating a future pension crisis by taxing pension funds was worth the small amount of revenue it raised.
  9. That every single part of the economy should be minutely controlled by Whitehall.
  10. John Prescott is not a Fuckwit.
  11. The Human Rights act was a good way to stop Racist Right Wingers from deporting Captain Hook.
  12. Red Tape is something that electricians use.
  13. That Gordon Brown understands the P in Productivity and the E in Enterprise.
  14. The best way to control terrorism is to charge innocent citizens to carry an id card.
  15. The House of Lords is undemocratic and should be replaced by Labour Cronies. (Should another government come into power, those cronies should not be replaced)
  16. The precautionary principle is a way to live a risk free life.
  17. You really believe that despite failing in Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities and Telecommunications, A State Socialist Monopoly is the only way to deliver education and health.
  18. You believe regulations are costless.
  19. You believe that a nation should have no right to choose who lives there, because it is racist.
  20. The little people are stupid and need the government to tell them when to breathe.
If You are Capable of Thinking? Vote Conservative.

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