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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Our Future

Mark Steyn has a prediction for the Future of Europe and its not pretty.
Here’s a prediction: Europe’s dependence on immigration will in the end prove far more catastrophic than America’s dependence on oil. The immigrants will run out long before the oil does. And the demographic disaster will be exacerbated by a continent-wide version of ‘white flight’
Why would educated immigrants want to move to Europe, where all their hard work will be rewarded by a parasitic state, that expects obedience to its useless rules on every thing under the sun. If the Developing world continues to grow, staying put will make a lot more sense for all but the most valueless would be migrants. Perhaps this is why the Tranzis of Europe wish to keep the Third world poor with their Fair Trade campaigns and their Common Agricultural Policy. Otherwise who is going to come and pay the unfunded pensions?

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