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Friday, April 15, 2005

Only France can save us Now

A senior Politician in Poland has called on the French to save Europe from the constitution.
Poland's deputy parliamentary speaker and opposition chief Donald Tusk on Thursday called on French voters to reject the European Union constitution "for the good of Europe" in a referendum next month. "It would be for the good of Europe if France were to reject the EU constitution", said Tusk, whose party favours European integration but is highly critical of the EU constitution.
I’m not sure this was a good move, given that the French fear the Polish Model almost as much as the Anglo Saxon Neo Liberalism. Perhaps he should have spoken to his own electorate.
A recent survey in Poland showed that nearly two-thirds of Poles -- 64 percent -- back the EU constitution, with seven percent opposed to it and 29 percent undecided.
A country that is New Europe and Atlanticist is supposed to be a lot more Eurosceptic than that.

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