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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dutch to Stay at Home

What will the Dutch do following a French No vote? According to the latest polls: Overall turnout is at an astonishingly low 32%. They will not bother. Sad but true. Those that bother to vote are likely to go more towards the No side, thought the number of waverers is too large to make any meaningful predictions. Dutch Voters are basically split into four groups:
  1. 19%: Anti EU
  2. 33%: EU integration is too fast (Eurosceptic – ish)
  3. 29%: Pro European Union
  4. 19%: Federalists
With so much to play for and with an electorate that is apathetically Pro EU, the strategies used by the opposing sides will be important. Whatever the result, the turnout is likely to make the Spanish proud of their better effort.

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You can still vote YES to Free Europe at

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