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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Another Bright Idea

As if the kiss of death from Chirac was not enough, Europe’s other major political failure is also to lend a hand in the French Referendum campaign.
Gerhard Schröder, German chancellor, is set on Tuesday to throw his backing behind the Yes campaign in France ahead of the country's referendum next month on the European constitution.
If this works it will only go to show the major difference between Continental Europe and Our Blessed Isles. Chirac and Schroeder represent everything that I dislike about European politics or even politicians as a species. Their stubborn support of bankrupt ideas, the fact that neither seem to have any political principles or ideas that they believe in other than power combined with the sheer failure of both these men to achieve anything tangible, underlines their worthlessness. Were you hiring staff for the most menial work you would refuse these two on the basis of total lack of any discernible ability. That anyone could be persuaded of anything by such empty, useless people is a sure sign that we have very low expectations of our leaders.

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