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Monday, April 25, 2005

The BBC & the EU

This comment was left by a reader on Biased BBC. As the commenter had no email address or home page listed, they are unaware that I stole their lines.
The BBC is a smaller version of the EU and just as evil. Both are run by Socialists. Both Tax you heavily for, er, what I’m not sure. Both regulate themselves. Both disdain ordinary people. Both take it upon themselves to decide what you should get in return for your money. Neither provide anything that Private Enterprise couldn’t provide cheaper and better. Both are Virulent in their Anti Americanism. Neither has any respect for Western Traditions. Both are Autocratic. If both the EU and the BBC stopped trading NOW, we would all be wealthier. Modern Socialists offer only shackles. Liberate Europe, Smash the faceless Monoliths. Alex
Given their shared heritage, can I just add that it is unsurprising that one supports the other. Should we get rid of the BBC, the EU would come under much more intense scrutiny.

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