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Monday, March 07, 2005

Regulations Saving our Environment

If you want someone not to do something, make it expensive for them to do it. This is an idea understood well by the green lobby when applied to road usage. Funnily enough however most environmental protection ideas ignore this concept entirely. Take waste disposal for instance:
Britain's environment minister, Elliot Morley, complains that fly-tipping -- illegal dumping of rubbish by roadsides or on farmland and waste land –- is now unacceptably rife, and that one incident occurs every 35 seconds.
Why should that be?
It was the European Union, which Morley's party leader Tony Blair finds so irresistible, that raised the cost of disposing legally of car tyres, refrigerators, and other "environmentally unfriendly" goods.
Well what a surprise. Mindless politicians without a days real work between them use the structures of the EU to impose their view of what is right on a continent of people. The cost is borne by the farmers who have to clear the waste off their land.

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