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Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Final Red Line

Did you know that the EU has minimum tax rates for certain items? That it is illegal for a member country to set a rate of tax for that item below the minimum? Well I was unaware of this until yesterday. Surely you say, that cannot be true, after all Our Dear Leader has always said that taxation was a red line. Taxation will always remain a matter for national governments. Not So: The minimum level of duty on unleaded petrol is €359 per 1000 lt, on diesel it is €302. Now this is all a little academic, as Gordon Brown would never set such low rates of tax, but the rule exists. It is one of the little ways that the EU grows its power by stealth. In order to set such a rule, unanimous agreement is needed. That does not mean however that once set the rule may be changed by a single dissenter later on. Once anything has crossed that line and entered the EU rule book, there is no turning back. Remember this when TB or Plunderer Brown makes big statements on taxation. We are going to lose that argument whatever they say.

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