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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Determined to Finish the Job

What will happen to the new ideas that were written into the constitution if we or some other nation decide to reject it? We it seems that they will be put into force anyway.

Article III-296 creates the office of EU foreign minister and specifies that "in fulfilling his or her mandate, the Union Minister for Foreign Affairs shall be assisted by a European External Action Service (EEAS)".
So if the constitution is ratified, then there will be an EU diplomatic corps? Wrong.
The EU is launching a fully fledged foreign service, with missions to third countries and the United Nations, Euro-ambassadors, trade attachés, a diplomatic training college, the works. The fact that it is doing so without any legal basis does not seem to bother anyone.
This has by now become a well established tradition, keep moving forward untill someone complains so loud that you cannot ignore it. Because most people don't understand the EU, usually no-one complains and they get away with it. Perhaps we should start complaining very loud.

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