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Friday, February 04, 2005

In favor of Fidel Castro

Given a choice between an evil dictator and those opposed to him, who would you choose. For the EU the answer is easy: The European Union has come out against human rights activists in Cuba and in favor of Fidel Castro. Vaclav Havel, who knows a thing or two about tyranny is not amused.
One of the strongest and most powerful democratic institutions in the world — the European Union — has no qualms in making a public promise to the Cuban dictatorship that it will re-institute diplomatic Apartheid. The EU's embassies in Havana will now craft their guest lists in accordance with the Cuban government's wishes. The shortsightedness of socialist Prime Minister José Zapatero of Spain has prevailed.
But then shortsightedness is a core competency of the EU Institutions, except when it comes to ever closer union, where their ability to plan in decades is phenomenal.

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