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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Guardian Belittles Itself

All Newspapers like to think of themselves as setting the agenda. Not the Guardian:

Spain's centre-right opposition backed a yes vote, while the media overwhelmingly said "si". That is hard to imagine in the UK, where the tone is set by a largely europhobic media and opposition.
So they are beginning to understand their own impotence? The view of Europhobes on the Eurosceptic media and opposition always amuses me. We have ateflon Prime Minister, who despite the obvious fact that he is a fraud and a liar, is still in charge. On the other side we have an opposition who has spent much of the past 8 years invisible. This is the opposition that sets the tone? Bearing in mind their otherwise ineffectual efforts in other areas, could it not just be that they are reflecting the electorate, rather than influencing them? As for the Murdoch Press, they have been staunch supporters of the government on virtually every other issue. Only on Europe do they stand apart. Why? Could it be that they know what their readers want? Thats my guess.

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