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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Growing Noses

In a continuing saga of loss of credibility Our Dear Leader was wrong about the number of our Eastern Cousins who wished to reside in our delightful isle. Not just wrong mind you, wrong times 16.
Sixteen times more workers have arrived in Britain from eastern Europe than the Government predicted when the European Union was enlarged, according to figures published yesterday.
That’s quite a large margin for error. That’s either stupidity on a scale too big for us mere mortals to grasp (Up to the level of Fuckwit), or he was lying all along.
Statistics for the Worker Registration Scheme (WRS) - which monitors the impact of allowing workers from eight "accession" states to seek jobs here - revealed around 130,000 applications for work between May and December last year. When it established the WRS, the Government responded to predictions of a flood of workers by claiming that only between 5,000 and 13,000 a year would come.
Had any of those involved in these mathematical calculations ever been to these countries and spoken to anyone in the countries involved? They could have counted personally likely candidates greater than the numbers they were quoting. Call me cynical, but I believe Our Dear Leader was protecting the EU with lies again.

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