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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Threat, Lies and Panic

Knowing full well that the chance of that Rotten Document, formerly known as the Constitutional Treaty, has little chance of passing the scrutiny of the UK voters is low, Eurocrats are resorting to desperate measures.
Britain's relationship with the rest of the European Union would be thrown open to question if voters rejected its constitutional treaty in a referendum to be held next year, according to the EU's chief foreign policy adviser.
So, vote the way prescribed by Brussels or else. Do they really think that the best way to respond to us Eurosceptics’ claims that Brussels is an overbearing dictatorship is to threaten us? Its like: Who are you calling aggressive? Say that again and I’ll punch you. Mr Solana believes that:
Mr Blair would mount a "solid campaign" in support of the treaty. "I am sure he is going to defend the constitution as a good thing for the UK and a good thing for Europe as a whole," Mr Solana said.
Has he really seen our Tony ever stick his neck out for anything (Iraq excluded) that has not been totally de to his love of power. Forget the interests of Europe or the UK; Tony will do as you say only if he thinks the constitution will be good for Mr Blair. Finally, why are they so worried? We all know that if the electorate give the wrong result, they will be asked again until they realise how wonderful this treaty really is.

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