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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Those Dastardly Paymasters

National governments are seeking to slash future EU budgets by €210 billion, Josep Borrell has warned. The EU’s paymasters, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and the Netherlands, are seeking to cut their dues.
I’ll personally take that as a promise rather than a warning.
“I cannot see how EU leaders can reduce the financial allocation and at the same time face up to the new challenges and priorities awaiting the union.”
Two options, either they are not horrible Socialists like yourself who believe that someone elses money is the answer to every problem, or they think that the challenges would best be met by stopping defining Spain and Ireland, among others as poor countries.
Commission proposals set spending at €336bn but the EU’s main cash contributors are pushing hard for funding to focused on the ten new, mainly East European, countries.
Terrible, don’t they understand that money is needed to buy loyalty. It cannot be wasted on the poor in such an irresponsible manner.

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