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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hey Stoopid

Don’t do it it’s not worth it.

As the EU prepares to receive a new wave of accession countries, Norway remains split on whether to join the union, according to new polls published today (20 December).
Sentio Norstat’s December poll published today (20 December) by Norwegian daily Nationen shows an almost even split, with 45.8 percent supporting membership and 43.8 percent opposed.
So half of Norwegians want to donate large sums of their taxes to corrupt politicians and undeserving farmers. That’s not to mention the destruction of Norway’s fishing waters. The suprising thing is that more of them used to think like this.
"This is great, we are pleased. 2004 has been a tremendously good year for those not wanting Norwegian EU membership", said the leader of the No-movement Heming Olaussen to Nationen.
A year ago the yes camp had a clear majority of 12 percent. Despite this trend and two no votes in referendums, Norway’s wannabe Serfs understand EU politics only too well.
Pro-EU political parties are hoping for a third EU referendum after the next general elections in September 2005.
As the IRA used to threaten British Politicians, we only need to be lucky once, you need to be lucky always. So it is with the EU, a No Vote is only ever a maybe. But Norway Beware, EU membership is for life not just for Christmas.

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