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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Strategic reasons for Turkish EU membership unconvincing

From EU Observer

The strategic reasoning for arguing in favour of Turkish membership of the European Union is not convincing, according to a new study published by a German think tank.
You can tell these people are not Swivel Eyed Loons like me, they must actually like the EU. The strategic benefits of Turkeys membership are obvious to all. The French will no longer rule the roost, the EU will gain a big oversensitive member that will be uncontrollable, There will be far less support for CAP with millions of Turkish peasants to support and no one will want full political union with 70 million muslims. Sounds ideal if you as me. But why you ask, are they focused on strategic benefits, economics is normally the main subject.
Because Turkish membership of the EU will bring little economic benefit, the emphasis of the discussion has shifted instead to the strategic benefits.
Only a socialist setup like we have in the EU could gain no economic benefits from the addition of 70 million consumers and 30 million workers. We saw what free trade with Mexico did to both Mexican and US economies.

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