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Friday, November 12, 2004

Lithuanian Green Light for EU Constitution

From EU Politix

Lithuania, one of the most recent entrants to the EU bloc has become the first country to back the new European Constitution. In a parliamentary vote on Thursday, MPs gave their thumbs up to the text, signed just three weeks ago in Rome, with 84 votes in favour, four against and three abstentions. A spokesman for the European Commission welcomed the ratification. We congratulate them wholeheartedly, it is a very positive development indeed.
A spokesman for The Road to Euro Serfdom says: How the hell did they translate the thing into Lithuanian and get 91 people to read it in just 3 weeks. Am I missing something here. I guess that four Lithuanian Deputies can read whatever language the original was prepared in and spent the last three weeks carefully reading it. The rest just did as their masters told them. This is a nail in the coffin of the theory that the newcomers would tone down the federalist drive.

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