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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Europes Future?

This statement comes from a BBC Radio discussion called EYES WIDE SHUT. Its difficult to believe that the BBC allows suchs views or that they could come from a Financial Times employee, but it happened.

The general perception in Asia is that Europe is a dying continent of flabby, flaccid welfare states, this is what people think, I promise you, where people don t work very hard, where lots of people dont work at all, where the hours are short, the effort meagre and the growth trivial. And therefore they basically think that Europe is a wonderful place to be a tourist in, you can get some nice fashion items if you want to get Gucci and all the other things, they admire French fashion and Italian fashion, they get capital goods from Germany, they send their children to English schools if they re very wealthy, but they don t really take it seriously.
Dr Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator and Associate Editor The Financial Times Well maybe there is hope for us after all. They say that a problem cannot be solved until it is recognised.

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