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Friday, November 26, 2004

EU Constitution will curb Sovereignty

Well that was all news to you. The Danish Ministry of Justice published a report on the constitution that came to the conclusion that to pass into law, a majority of five sixths of Danish MPs or a referendum must be passed. The reason is that the treaty will impact on Danish Sovereignty in a number of areas.

Among the areas singled out for transferring power are the protection of personal data, free movement and settlement, diplomatic protection, the movement of capital and the freezing of funds, as well as new competences for the Court of Justice allowing it to rule on intellectual property rights, space and health policies. The so called flexibility clause, which allows the extension of Union powers without new ratification by national parliaments or referenda, is also seen as a transfer of power.
Of course the situtation in the UK is different. The treaty does not represent a transfer of power but will rather be a tidying up exercise.

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