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Friday, October 15, 2004

European credentials.......

What do you make of this:

Commissioner-designate Peter Mandelson has once more tried to distance himself from Tony Blair, stating a second UN resolution authorising the use of force in Iraq could have meant a better situation now.
He goes on:
Who can doubt that the insurgency in Iraq today would be a lesser problem had a second resolution been agreed before the invasion and if the United Nations had been in the driving seat from the start.
Leave aside the fact that the murderers of the UN representative in Iraq are less than impressed by the sight of a blue helmet, the assumption behind this story is interesting. A politician, to have European Credentials must be against the US policy towards Iraq. Some how, making meaningless statements about situations that in hindsight never had a chance of becoming reality make you a good European. So in short, European Credentials equals to worthless gasbag. Ok I can live with that.

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