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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Words Fail

The devil will find work for idle hands to do, as a miserable git once said. This could be the mission statement of the EU. When you pay failed politicians large wages, unfortunately they feel the need to do something to earn them. Such is the case of sexism in the insurance industry. Women would be forced to pay hundreds of pounds more for their car insurance under new EU anti-sexism laws expected to come under heavy fire from a parliamentary inquiry this week. Do these people have any idea what the purpose of insurance is and how it works? Sorry silly question, this is the 68 generation at work, totally clueless on every count. The measures proposed by the European Commission to enforce 'gender equality' would force the financial services industry to treat the sexes equally. It argues that differences in men and women's life expectancy are down to potentially changeable lifestyle and social forces, such as women traditionally drinking and smoking less than men. Its that old chestnut again, gender is learned not inherited, so we the elite will do our best to destroy old fashioned gender roles whether you like it or not. If only we could get these interfering morons to take more holiday, perhaps our lives would run more smoothly.

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