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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Welcome to the Western Club

One of the things that many in the Eastern and Central European Countries failed to understand about the EU is its wish to meddle in everything. So for some I guess the reality has come as a shock. Let's hope for their sake they take the Italian rather than the British approach to EU regulations. Thats what this man seems to have done. A Czech organic farmer whose family has made goat's cheese for six generations is evading new European Union food regulations by selling his produce as "animal feed". Of course the powers that be found out soon enough and the result was this. Armies of health inspectors have taken to standing outside the farm, interviewing customers about what they plan to do with the cheese. One customer, a pensioner living in a one-bedroom flat whose only pet was a goldfish, denied eating it himself, saying it was for a neighbour's dog. I guess the experience of decades of dealing with communism will not be completely in vain.

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