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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Response to Globalisation?

Also from Mr Titley's speech

There are those who believe that the best response to the insecurities of globalisation is to hide away in our houses, lock our windows and doors, turn out the lights and hope the rest of the world goes away. And then there are those like us who believe we have to grasp the opportunities of globalisation and counter its threats by building an outward looking agenda based on international cooperation.

Some of us would say that the EU with its emphasis on harmonisation of harmful regulation is a continental effort to lock windows and doors and hope the world goes away. I'm sure there are some anti globalisers in the anti-EU camp, but most of us believe in embracing global trade and that the EU is a misguided attempt to hide from it.


sharon-B said...

Although I admire your energy to debate on the EU block, with this on going war on terror, it has become clear that we only have two choices: more powerful than ever gov'ts (read: collectivism) or individualism. The problem with any gov't is that it can NOT stop from growing and then must sink into dicatorship because of its own weight/bureaucracy.

What democracy when it all comes down to: it is okay to have nuclear weapons if you're my friend?

Truth to be told Europeans are as much manipulated as americans or even the brits... they do not even know that their countries are being set up for a major bankruptcy - read depression.

You don't believe me? Just check this out... Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions: ... and: The Debt Threat: How Debt is Destroying the World: ...

If you feel really secure with such with powers-that-be, you must be delusional, I am afraid.

The Europeans are always quick to trash America, but why don't the european lawmakers say a word about this global aid programmes --fraud/hoax -- killing 24,000 people per day, 700,000+ per month?? What is the U.N doing? Nothing! But do not expect the UN to react since it is corrupt body, that has approved the Iraq sanctions killing 1.4 Million peopl, among which were 400,000 children... while enabling Saddam and Co along with officials of some 250 nations to profit from the oil-for-food program. see:

So why is anybody doing anything? Because altrui$m must sell on the two sides of the Atlantic!! For the record, the indebtment of EU has risen by more than 100% since its ineption and is the european economy doing better?? Of course not! The problem with a debt-based economy is that predictions and estimates are ALWAYS false. This is what happens when money had no intrinisic value... ever heard of honest money, then just go to: , then click on "Undeniable Facts With Debtism" , see also: Economic Justice And Solutions

As long as we, world citizens, continue to believe that our dear lawmakers work for a greater good, the World will go from bad to worst, I am afraid. There is no free-lunch. Again, this is collectivism/communism (aka interventionism) or positive individualism... and your choice is??

Keep in mind that central banking and intervientionsim are two planks of the communist Manfiesto. They can take everything from you when they want. People are so used to see or hear about currency crisis, economic depressions/recessions, that they think they are "natural disasters". It couldn't be further from the truth. While 85% of the population go bankrupt every 70 or so years, the Elite protects itself by buying gold/silver, so the wealth remains between them, because all of them have excelkent investment bankers who know the "money trick".

We all are serfs, all of us...

Meanwhile EU has lifted the arm embrago to China... China, the enemy #1 of America.

(02/11) China and the Final War for Resources - "What's coming will be more devastating to the U.S. economy than any nuclear strike:

More about money: (2002) People's Tribunal: IMF/WB & Accomplices Accused of Pilagism And Genocide

Yet again and again, do NOT ever feel safe with the Powers that rule us because their plan is global tyranny. They fight, we pay and die for the sake of THEIR interests. Gloablization was the greatest Hoax ever invented by man... and now pay back time is right behind the corner. Wars are legalized geneocides, yet people always fall for them. Democracy is another hoax, because it is the mob rule where 51% abuse 49% constantly. All democracies so far, throughout history, have lead to despotism... look what is happening to Earth... likewise those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Everything we were taught and are told is erroneous. Everything from A to Z.

It is about time to unite and resist the powers-that be... trust me. The enemy is whithin, wherever you live.

Please help spread the word about our global corrupt Elite. It is a life or death matter.

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