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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A Labour Quisling taking us forward

Hat tip to EU Referendum From a Speech to the Labour Party Conference by MEP Gary Titley, Titled Only Labour Values can take us forward in Europe. On the European Elections

Opposition parties benefited everywhere - except here. The British Conservative Party achieved the remarkable feat of being the only opposition party in Europe to actually lose in the elections. They lost because the electorate got fed up with Michael Howard's opportunism, fed up with his flip-flops, fed up with all the contradictions in his policies.
Except they did really well in the local elections held the same day. They actually lost out to the UKIP, who came out strongly against the EU.
The only ones to gain from all this were the UK Independence Party - the BNP with suits and posh accents. Their message was as much anti-immigration as anti-EU. UKIP is a collection of the paranoid, the obsessive, the little Englanders, the backwoodsmen. Yes, men. All 12 MEPs they elected are middle-aged or elderly men. Gone are the days of the angry young man. Now we just have grumpy old men.
They are never going to let up on this independence is Fascism lack are they. Does this preposterous pompous fool not notice that the BNP wears suits anyway and that they had a big success in those elections. By constantly pretending that UKIP is the same as BNP, does he not risk increasing the credibility of the BNP. Little Englanders? What is that suppose to mean exactly? Its a refrain constantly used as if a fondness for ones own country were somehow criminal. I am happy to be British and want nothing to doing with the socialist mess that is the EU. My resistance is not based on some misguided sense of superiority but on a disgust for the social engineering experiment that is the EU and its impact on individual liberty. I suspect that most of those who voted UKIP have much in common with me.

Each and every one of us is determined to work at the heart of this Parliament, - leading the way in finding solutions to the many problems that confront us. We have to

  1. Create new and better jobs while protecting workers
  2. Make Europe's economy more dynamic while safeguarding the environment
  3. Have a coherent European response to World crises
  4. Reform world trade rules so that they are fair for all
  5. Blah blah blah........

The guy is a god obviously, all this power at his fingertips.

The most statist, interventionist, over regulated economy of the world wants to become more dynamic and create jobs. Just a thought Gary, abolish all of the EU's regulations. Reform trade rules....ha ha ha ha , from the makers of the CAP.

Then comes the best bit.......

We are sorry to lose Neil Kinnock. Neil has done a tremendous job in his 10 years in the Commission. First he got to grips with transport policy. Then he modernised the European Commission and made it more accountable both politically and financially. Neil has been an inspiration to us all.

With such inspiration the future of the EU is secure.

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