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Monday, January 29, 2007

European Union (Information, etc.) Bill

So we have another glorification of serfdom law:
A Bill To
make provision for information to be made available in various public places relating to the activities and organisation of the European Union; to make provision for the flying of the flag of the European Union on various public buildings; to provide information to further the establishment of twinning arrangements between towns in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the European Union in accordance with the European Union’s town twinning support scheme; and for connected purposes.
One of the aims of the bill is to force public buildings to fly the EU flag. Another is:
Information and statistics relating to the European Union shall be provided free of charge on the internet.
I have been doing that for a couple of years, with any need for legislation.


niconoclast said...
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niconoclast said...

Twinning... (I must stay calm.) We now have five 'twinned' places in our small town. They grow like a rash, (self replicating gulag archipelagos?)

The Leadership Blogger said...

>>The flag of the European Union

The flag of the European Union shall be flown on Government and public
buildings alongside the union flag.

I guess that means if you don't fly the filthy EU rag

The Leadership Blogger said...

Somthing odd about that edit: "If you don't fly the Union flag, you needn't fly the EU flag either.