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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

EU Aid, With Strings

Somalia is one of the poorest most destitute countries on earth. The recent Ethiopian backed action, finally restored the internationally recognised government, and they are in need of cash. Perhaps they could get help from the EU? Perhaps not.

The Somali government has declared on Tuesday that it could not accept conditions that the European Union said it would help finance the Somali transitional government on the condition that it should reach out to the defeated Union of Islamists and other parties for peace and a unity government.
The EU is offering our cash, in exchange for the Somali government including Islamists in their number. God help us is all that needs to be said.


FranceSucks said...

Maybe we could send back a few hundred thousand refugees in lieu of cash?

Anonymous said...

In cases like this, offers should be made unconditionally. It's the ordinary Somalians who are suffering the most, politicians should remember that and give help where it is most needed.

Kassandra Troy said...

OK, it's just simply unbelievable! They've gone from insanely politically correct to the immoral!

Anonymous said...

The illogic of the explanatory statements of the EU is often surprising.

The Palestinian governments receive aid from the EU with not strings attached although they continue to attack Israel. Explanation of the EU: If the EU doesn't pay them, others will do it and the EU will lose influence.

However, the same logic is not applied to Somalia. On the contrary, here the EU demands that a peaceful coalition government is formed with the aggressors.

The common factor in this doesn't seem to be logic but taking side with the Islamic expansionists. Why would the EU politicos behave differently at home? We have seen time and again, that the EU is also within Europe on the side of Islam. Therefore, we are forced to conclude that the agenda of the EU appears to be obviously an Islamic Europe. And ignorant people like me are wondering if Eurabia is really advantageous and necessary for Europe? I guess we simply have to trust the superior wisdom of our rulers.

Anonymous said...

I'm unsure as to whether this is ignorance, naievity, or Islamophilia.

Either way, do you reckon this sort of thing will continue once Al Queda decide to send suicide bombers to the Eiffel Tower, or the Bundustag, or the European Parliament?

CityUnslicker said...

Nothin surprises me from Brussels. They are simply incapable of rational thought or rational action.

This is what happens whern you let people govern with no democratic accountability.

Anonymous said...

Sam Tarran,

Good question ! I would have thought that it would stop after such an event in France or Germany. However, it continues in the UK and in Spain after terrorist attacks. The latter seem to provide an excellent reason for passing new laws to restrict the freedoms of the entire population with the purpose to keep the ruling EU elites in power despite opposition to their plans for an Eurabian Empire. Maybe I am wrong but it certainly looks like that.

FranceSucks said...

The only morally correct thing to do would be to airlift the entire population of Somalia to europe and grant them immediate asylum! Thus is the essence of the UN treaty/statue on refufees.