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Thursday, January 25, 2007

End of Subsidies Sweet for India

Mozambique is not the only poor country to gain from the changes to the EU sugar market (I didn't point out in the last post that the changes were forced by the WTO)

The government is mulling a biotech-based plan for breaking into the 4 million-tonne market for sugar that is getting vacated in the EU following withdrawal of subsidies to this segment.
Everyone gears up when new opportunities come along. The irony in India, is that they were part of the problem themselves.
The move is significant since the ban on sugar exports has been lifted recently.
Repeat after me,
  • Free Trade is Fair Trade,
  • Protectionism is Theft,
  • A Politician that defends CAP, is responsible for poverty,
  • The best way to stop the poor from drowning, is to take our foot off their neck.


Whispering Walls said...

Hear, hear

FranceSucks said...

Fair Trade is nothing but a PC cartel using smear campaigns and other threats to force people into their organization. I encourage anyone that truly values free trade to boycott these bastards.