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Friday, January 19, 2007

ECJ: Friend of Terrorists

More great news in the war on terror.

The EU's second-highest court has ruled that the brother of Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leader, has the right to fight the group's position on the EU's terrorist list.
No doubt he will not have to pay the costs of the legal action either. We can have him wasting good weapons money on legal fees can we.

If the European Union wants to see the situation on Kurdish Rights improve in Turkey, it has to be seen to be tough on terror. The biggest stumbling block on this issue, is the Turkish public's view that Kurds = Terror, a view that is reinforced everytime something like this happens.

The PKK are a bunch of murdering bastards, that make the IRA look like pussies. They should not be seen as a legitimate voice of anything.

1 comment:

The Leadership Blogger said...

Come now, we want to welcome these murdering bastards into the EU, and give them the right to bomb London. Equal opps for all you know?