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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Whose Side is He On?

Wonko, has had a disagreement with Philip Bushill-Matthews MEP (Conservative) over the reasons for hospital closures. Wonko claims that it is due to our opt out from the Working Time Directive, and Mr Bushill Matthews disagrees.

Now I think that Wonko has made a technical error, and that Mr Bushill Matthews despite knowing what it was that Wonko was trying to say, has pedantically answered back, ignoring the actual issue.

The reality: Junior Doctors hours have been cut, and will be cut more in the future, due to The application from August 2004 of statutory working time limits (in line with the EU working time Directive) to doctors in training in the UK.

Our opt out of the working time directive is a separate (though related) issue and is still not solved.

So I ask you, what would a Eurosceptic MEP have said in an answer to such a technical error? Perhaps something along the lines of .... its not that one but this one.

Why are Conservative MEPs obfuscating, and deliberately trying to mislead people over EU issues? The key point of Wonko's argument was correct, that EU laws are having an impact on the closure of our hospitals, yet to read the counter argument, you would be led to believe that it was not so.

When are we going to get Conservative MEPs who actually stand up for our Country?


nsfl said...

The Conservative Party in Brussels is split.

You can trust only the "H Block" (Hannan, Helmer, Heaton-Harris) plus Deva, Kamall, Callanan and Van Orden.

The rest are federalists and will be lucky to be listed for 2009, thanks to the interwebnet and its ability to alert party members/primaries to cuckoos in the nest.

Serf said...

The problem is that the system doesn't allow us to vote for the Good Guys, and throw out the Quislings. Unless we can see that people like this are deselected, it will continue.