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Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Vote on the EU

Many of us have never had the chance to show our democratic disapproval of membership of the EU (or its previous guises). Now perhaps, the BBC is offering us a chance.

We want you to suggest a law which you think should be scrapped. Which is Britain's least useful or most damaging law? If possible, be specific. Our panel of politicians (across the spectrum) and legislation experts will sift your nominations to come up with a shortlist of six. That shortlist will go to a vote and, on New Year's Day, we'll announce the winning - or, more accurately, losing - law. At the very least, we hope, we'll fuel debate. But we'll also see whether any politician is brave enough to take the views of Today listeners to the House of Commons.
To take advantage of this, here is what you should do. Go to the page in question and write "European Communities Act 1972" in the space provided. Who knows whether they will choose it, but it could be fun if they do.


chris said...

I've submitted it, and I really hope that it gets into the voting stage. I know it won't the EUrophiles at the BBC would never let that happen. Could end up like a couple years ago when they held a vote on what law the listeners would like submitted to parliament, and one to allow you to protect your own home won. The MP that had promised to submit it simply flat out refused to do as he promised.

Anonymous said...

I've submitted my vote. I won't hold my breathe though.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, yesterday.

However, since it is the EURrabian toadys on the Today programme who get to choose which six laws are shortlisted, I won't hold my breath either. As someonce once put it: if democracy changed anything, it would be outlawed.

I can't wait for a bloody revolution - there are so many in the current Establishment I want to see hanged from the nearest lamppost.

dirty dingus said...

On my blog I suggested removing the outrageous law regarding Bowland Dairy Products rather than the EU treaties as a whole...

AntiCitizenOne said...

Sorry Serf,

I went for the TV-Tax.

Anonymous said...

Can I point out that this has made the shortlist?

And/or phone 0901 5221004 for good measure.

Spread the word.