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Friday, December 01, 2006


The Eu may be in the process of telling Turkey where to go, but it doesn't stop them wanting to spread their propaganda:

Lokum (A new book) is expected to be a useful tool in helping Turkish kids learn about and understand the European Union.
Wow lucky kids.....
The book is meant to convey to children an impression of cultural variety within the EU member countries.
Does it perchance convey the hatred that Brussels has for variety?
It also addresses the logic behind the establishment of the European Union.
Perhaps I should get myself a copy, thats something I have never understood.


The Leadership Blogger said...

Logic? Lust for power more like.

James Higham said...

I wouldn't mind looking at that logic, word for word but I wouldn't pay a Euro for it.

Anonymous said...

the logic behind the establishment of the European Union.

Officially: peace and freedom

Unofficially, Helmut Kohl in an interview:
To play a role in politics, a certain size is required.

Interpretation: Fourth Empire.


Again Helmut Kohl in an interview: "I continue to be convinced that Turkey will be unable to fulfill the criteria of Copenhagen. The criteria for membership established by the European Council in 1993 in Copenhagen define among others, that a country willing to become a member must have a strong democratic and constitutional system and must protect human and civil rights. This includes the protection of minorities and the freedom of religion."

Anonymous said...

The constitution to protect human rights, democratic system , protection of minorities and religion, this is a constitution for a global club union, and not a European Union. They should change the name the Union of democratic and human rights states. UDHRS.
And let's get on boards everyone that wants to join in into this circus.

Anonymous said...

EUssr sounds better!

AntiCitizenOne said...

But UDHRS can be milked by EUSSR politburo members.

Anonymous said...


Stan Bull said...

I rather suspect Kohl is right. If there ever was a reform process underway in Turkey (debatable in itself), that reform process has long since ground to a halt. While the Turks initiated quite a lot of legislative reform, not much of it has ever filtered into practice. On the upside, Europhobia is rife. Quite a change from 2/3 years back.