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Thursday, December 21, 2006

False Arguments

Nigel Farage has been in Romania, to get to see the country prior to its joining the EU in 10 days time. In reply to his Euroscepticism, we get the following argument from a Romanian Civil Servant.

"If my children will be able to drink healthy water just because of what you call stupid European regulations it's already worth joining the EU."
We have to fight these ignorant arguments. There may well be lots of EU legislation that individuals agree with, but that completely misses the point. Do Norwegian children drink sewage filled water? Did the Swedes poison their offspring prior to becoming members?

If the Romanians have a problem with their drinking water, they are perfectly capable of solving it themselves. We don't need the EU to enable Anton Niculescu's children to drink clean water. Its a problem that could be solved at Municipality level, it doesn't need a supra national body to make it happen.


Anonymous said...

What he means if Western Europe pays for it such programs are super.

At last Romania gets to vote on how much it can tax Great Britain for its somestic programs

James Higham said...

It will be interesting to see the effect a corrupt administration in Brussels will have on a corrupt administration in Romania.

Gavin said...

I guess it's natural for Romania to be blinded by self-interest to the long-term downside of the EU. After decades of being crapped on by Caucescu's evil dictatorship, their infrastructure in tatters, their economy virtually non-existent, and after 17 years of little subsequent economic improvement, one can see why they desperately welcome the investment, and the links to an emerging Western superstate.

My Lithuanian ex was just the same - no amount of argument from my UK perspective could dent her excitement at the prospect of Lithuania joining the EU. And having been there, I could see why.

I can't really blame such countries, because of course my own opposition to UK membership stems at least partly from the same sense of nationalistic self-interest. As the (what are we now? fourth? fifth?) largest economy in the world, we don't need the EU, and full membership means we lose our position as a first-world economy. Also, whereas the likes of Romania see EU membership as a political step up from their previous systems, granting them human rights, free markets and protection from communism, our system was already far superior to anything the EU offers, hence we see Brussels as restricting our freedoms and strangling our markets.

Of course I want to see Romania prosper in every way. The more free nations with strong economies there are, the better for all of us. But this is not going to be achieved simply by the EU stealing our money and chucking it at them.

Anonymous said...

A document revealing the true reason for Romania's, Bulgaria's and Turkey's accession to the EU is the following report by the International Energy Agency: Turkey as an energy corridor between east and west.

Bretters found it and reported about it on his blog.

Enjoy the masterful deception of the EU propaganda.

Anonymous said...

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